Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Bangkok Temple 7 Wat Arun (Temple of down)

Bangkok Temple 7 Wat Arun (Temple of the down)

Thailand have many Temple in his country, many tourist go to the Thailand, but now Situasion in thailand not happy, politik in bangkok. I have many story about Bangkok and the his temple.

He river cruise ended at Wat Arun, the biggest and highest temple in Thailand. Thailand people are very proud of with the temple. The temple architecture is different compare with Indonesian temple. Wat arun build soared 70 meters without any rooms. All around the wall decorated by coloring flowers from porceilin.

There is a rental traditional shirt of Thailand before entrance gate of the Temple. I was exciting to wear the traditional shirt and take a picture. The other group members are following me … he he he he … Wow …the hat so heavy! :-)

Meanwhile I am exciting to climb up the steep stair temple, the others more interesting to go to the market beside of the temple for shopping. Then David more like take shelter under shaded place to wait. I remember what my friend Irene told to me. She was a Tour Leader in her group tour to Bangkok. While the guide explaint the history of the temple, no body stayed to listen. They went to shopping to the market … he he he he ….It’s happen also to me. …he he he he he …. Regarding Awee information, Indonesian people are very love to shopping.

I never think that went down from the top of temple more difficult than climb up. Wow crazy! …. The stairs are very steep. I tried to find comfortable position to walk down. That why many people only stand up in front of the stair due to phobia with high and feel scary to go down. I saw a man hang his doughter to go down. Her nose blooding and she was very scary. I though before her nose blooding because of she falled down …. But it’s because of her phobia.

The view from the top of the temple …. Wow! So cool! We can see the Chao Phraya River devided Bangkok, glorious the Grand Palace building, ….aahhh your tired to climb the temple will be paid with the nice view from the top.

They are not finish yet when I arrived down from temple. Crazy! … What shooping they are? Due to curious why they take so long for shopping and what are they buying, so I ask David to go inside the market. Apperently the market is selling souvenir. Regarding Awee, the market here sell goods more cheapest than other places due to they are not taking big profit and the profit only for temple donation. Like a Thailand t-shirt with elephant picture can get 10 pieces for Bath 1,000. That’s why everybody became crazy to shop everything in there. I just smile watching their shopping activities. Yeaehh … may be my style influented already by foreigner tourist in Bali and tour package by my company. “Always put shopping schedule on the last day otherwise you will lose your holiday”.