Thursday, 19 August 2010

Bali Hotels Experience

Bali is one of the world's favorite tourist destinations. Bali is Known as the Island of thousand Temples, has changed from a major destination for potential Tourists Who Will perform a holiday. The most vital purposes for Tourists Is the need for a comfortable accommodation and adequate facilities.

All means of accommodation in Bali Can be divided into types Standard Chartered Bank Standard and Poor ': Inns, Lodging, Bungalow, Cottage, Resort, Villas and Hotels. China Trust Hotel is divided into levels, namely: jasmine hotel, one star, two star hotels, three star hotels to five star hotels, even today there are hotels with a predicate Trust plus or five star hotels five stars hotels diamond.

To meet the accommodation needs of Tourists will of some, then We present and always ready to help you. We Provide all the information about accommodation in Bali, cheap hotel in Bali, guesthouses, inns, resorts, Bungalows, cottages and villas That Can be customized to your needs and your vacation budget.

So, make sure your comfortable vacation, Because all your accommodation requirements ... We must meet
- Superior room Rp 350.000, -/room/nite *
- Deluxe room Rp 650.000, -/room/nite *
- Suite room Rp 850.000, -/room/nite *
* The rates are high season surcharge / Peak Season surcharge

- Standard Room USD 235 000, -/room/nite *
- Deluxe room USD 265 000, -/room/nite *
* The rates are high season surcharge / Peak Season surcharge

Rachael HOTEL
standard room: RP .299.000 (Normal season), USD 450 000 (high season)
Family room: RP .650.000 (Normal season), USD 750 000 (high season)
extra bed: RP .100.000 (Normal season), USD 100 000 (High Season

- Standard room Rp 275.000, - / room / nite *
- Cottage room Rp 350.000, -/room/nite *
* The rates are high season surcharge / Peak Season surcharge

Superior Room IDR.360.000
Deluxe Room IDR.445.000
Family Room IDR.750.000
Extra Bed IDR.100.000
Additional Breakfast IDR.30.000
High season surcharge 15 July - 31 August IDR.100.000
Peak Season surcharge 20 Dec - 05 January IDR.150.000
Lebaran Surcharge (8 Sept - 13 Sept 2010) IDR.100.000
New Year Surcharge (20 Dec 2010-3 Jan 2011) IDR.100.000

* Deluxe Twin USD 299 000,-net / room / night
* Deluxe Double USD 299 000, -net/room/night
* Family Room USD 550 000, -net/room/night
* Executive Room USD 550 000,-net / room / night
* Single Extra Matras USD 80 000,-net / extra mattress / night
* Double Extra Matras USD 120 000,-ne / extra mattress / night
Charge and Peak Season Surcharge
• June, 19th 2010 - August, 08th 2010: HSS USD 75 000, -net/room/night
• Lebaran (Sept, 05th - 19th 2010): PSC USD 200 000, -net/room/night
• Christmas & New Year 2010: PSC USD 200 000, -net/room/night (Dec, 24th 2010 - Jan, 04th 2011)
• 3 days before & after Lunar New Year 2011: HSS USD 75 000, -net/room/night

Idul Fitri: 08 Sept - 14Sept
Christmas & New Year: Dec. 21-January 5, 2010,
01juni -31 july, 2010

Standard Room: Rp.399.000, -
Mini Suite: Rp.500.000, -
Superior Suite: Rp.600.000, -
Deluxe Suite: Rp.900.000, -
Extra Person with Rollaway Bed: Rp.200.000, -
Room rates are inclusive of American, Continental or Indonesian Breakfast for two persons maximum.
Except Deluxe / family suite, rate is including breakfast for max.4 persons.

Jimbaran Nirmala HOTEL
- Standard room Rp 350.000, -/room/nite *
- Superrior room USD 400 000, -/room/nite *
- Suite room Rp 500.000, -/room/nite *
* The rates are high season surcharge / Peak Season surcharge

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Gangsa Villa Hotels

Welcome to My blog, I will review a Hotel is Gangsa Villa Hotels, This Villa is elegant, I like live in the Gangsa. All of the gangsa an all villa property located in the revered priestly village of Sanur where guests will discover the harmony of Balinese living.

For centuries the Balinese have lived in family compounds throughout the island on parcels of land that are symbolic of their heritage and status within society. Traditional Balinese architecture implies that everything has a proper and proportionate space a place to eat, a place to sleep and a place to relax. the gangsa has adapted this unique concept to create a series of private villas where the art of living is free from the complications of the outside world.

The name 'gangsa' refers to the keyed instrument that plays the resonant melodies in a traditional Balinese orchestra. This choice of name is a conscious effort to preserve the island? vibrant culture through tourism. Each villa follows a contemporary d?or with subtle Balinese touches designed by the same team that created the stylish look for the Kayumanis villa properties in Ubud and Nusa .

Each villa is nestled within a private garden compound that exposes the healthy attributes of outdoor Balinese living. A semi-open outdoor lounge environment integrates with a gourmet kitchen and dining area. The swimming pool is surrounded by ample deck space for outdoor sun bathing and dining.

Spaciously appointed bedrooms are the epitome of comfort that are fully air-conditioned and feature an en-suite bathroom with shower and tub.
Hotel Facilities
:: Private swimming pool surrounded by a sundeck, outdoor dining space and tropical garden.
:: Air-conditioned bedrooms with en- suite bathroom facility ? Semi-open integrated living and dining environment.
:: Gourmet kitchen with stove, microwave, refrigerator, crockery and utensils
:: Satellite television and entertainm
ent system
:: IDD telephone
:: Safety deposit box
:: 24-hour Guest Assistant
:: Daily Guest Activities

:: Beach Club
:: Laundry & Dry Cleaning ? Boutique
:: Bicycles
:: Shuttle service

:: Car charter
:: Tropical fresh fruit basket
:: Traditional Balinese afternoon tea

:: Daily stocked mini bar (non ? alcoholic)
:: Transportation service within Sanur area

Gong Restaurant

Gong, the gangsa restaurant, is open for all day dining and specializes in up-market Balinese cuisine that focuses on fresh local ingredients, herbs and spices. With only limited seating capacity, the gangsa restaurant provides stylish dining for couples or small groups and introduces some exotic Asian flavors created especially for this property.

Rebab Spa

the gangsa? luxurious spa facility, Rebab, provides a comprehensive menu of traditional Balinese healing and beauty treatments that explore the ancient Hindu belief that balance is the very essence of overall wellbeing. Treatments include a range of massage, body scrubs and facials all utilizing naturally sourced ingredients designed to refresh and rejuvenate.

Suling kids club

An extensive service for our young guests. Varieties of kid? activities which are fun and educated. Kids may also learn Balinese traditional games such as making kites, etc.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Horizon Hotel, Best Hotel Services

if you need relax and fell, you can come to Horison Horizon Hotel. And then get surprise from the hotels. Palembang Hotel providing some ideal access to the very best of city centre in Palembang city. The hotel is a 9 story building, build in the area of Taman Mandiri office cluster located on Kapten A. Rivai street. The hotel is across the street from Palembang Square, Palembang Sport Hall Sriwijaya Stadium, Local & International Bank , and Government Services. As a business hotel in Palembang we provide Business Centre, Banquet Facilities with high quality equipment and welltrained staff. For leisure the guests can enjoy the restaurant & Bar (Malabar Coffee Shop, Golden Dragon Shark's fin & Abalone Restaurant, and Putri Lounge), Fitness Centre & Swimming Pool, Sauna & Spa.

Located in the heart of Palembang city, close to central business and government district, only 25 minutes from Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport. With 142 rooms & Suites, non-smoking or smoking rooms available.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Petronas Twin Towers (Kuala Lumpur)

In 2010 i visited Kuala Lumpur , its' beatiful. i really like that.

Petronas Twin Towers were the tallest buildings in the world until Taipei 101 was completed in 2004, as measured to the top of their structural components (spires, but not antennas). Spires are considered integral parts of the architectural design of buildings, to which changes would substantially change the appearance and design of the building, whereas antennas may be added or removed without such consequences. The Petronas

Twin Towers remain the tallest twin buildings in the world.
Petronas towers are two twin skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur which time the tallest building in the world. 88-storey high tower designed by Cesar Pelli in 1998. Petronas towers stand as tall as 452 meters or 1483 feet above calculated up to the peak. In between the two towers was built a bridge (skybridge) that connects the two towers on 41st and 42nd floors. This bridge is the destination of tourists who come to visit the Petronas Towers with a limited number of tickets (about 1200 pieces). This bridge is also used for evacuation if an emergency occurs in a tower so that residents can move into the tower is safe.

Tower of Kuala Lumpur began construction in October 1991 and opened to the public on July 23, 1996 and inaugurated by the prime minister of Malaysia at the moment, Mahathir Mohammad on October 1, 1996. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery at an altitude of 276 meters while listening Audio Video Tour in multiple languages. I have time to take photos and Petronas Tower skyscraper buildings of Kuala Lumpur Tower using a digital camera.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Experience at Batavia

Jakarta, its great i say , at 2009 oktober i have gone to jakarta, its first time i stay in Jakarta, when i stay Jakarta, i was Studied working, an when i stay in jakarta, i get many experience of social in the biggest of city indonesia.

Special Capital Region of Jakarta (DKI Jakarta, Jakarta Raya) is the capital city of Indonesia. Jakarta is the only city in Indonesia which has a province-level status. Jakarta is located in the northwest part of Java Island. Formerly known by the name of Sunda Kelapa (before 1527), Jayakarta (1527-1619), Batavia (1619-1942), and Djakarta (1942-1972). Has a population exceeding 10 million inhabitants (in 2009). Number one most populous city in Indonesia. By Area km2.

Jakarta has an area of approximately 661.52 km ² (ocean: 6977.5 km ²), with a total population of 7,552,444 inhabitants (2007), while in the 2010 census the city had a population: 9.5 million inhabitants. Together with the Greater Jakarta metropolitan population of about 23 million people, this is the largest metropolitan areas in Indonesia or a sixth of the world. Now the greater Jakarta area have been integrated with the Greater Bandung area, where megapolis Greater Jakarta-Bandung Raya cover approximately 30 million inhabitants, which puts this region in the second world, after Tokyo megapolis.

When i stay in bataviai visit Monas.
I go to my office make BUSWAY

I see Office DPR. wew is biggest.
And i dont forget with Ancol hehehhe

when will i can go to Jakarta again ?

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Lake Toba, best of lake

Lake Toba (Danau Toba) Indonesian
Indonesian has many Lake, lake toba Among these, Singkarak,Maninjau and others. But the Government has not been able to get a lot of newcomers to visit the beautiful regions tour.
I often come to the lake toba, ranging from small up to now, I really like the lake Toba.

Geologi Lake Toba

Lake Toba is a lake and supervolcano, Its North Sumatra, Prapat City. 100 kilometres long and 30 kilometres wide, and 505 metres (1,666 ft) at its deepest point. Located in the middle of the northern part of the Indonesian island of Sumatra with a surface elevation of about 900 metres (2,953 ft), the lake stretches from 2°53′N 98°31′E / 2.88°N 98.52°E / 2.88; 98.52 to 2°21′N 99°06′E / 2.35°N 99.1°E / 2.35; 99.1. It is the largest volcanic lake in the world.

In addition, it is the site of a supervolcanic eruption that occurred 69,000-77,000 years ago,a massive climate-changing event. The eruption is believed to have had a VEI intensity of 8. This is the largest known eruption anywhere on Earth in the last 25 million years. According to the Toba catastrophe theory to which some anthropologists and archeologists subscribe, it had global consequences, killing most humans then alive and creating a population bottleneck in Central Eastern Africa and India that affected the genetic inheritance of all humans today.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Story Prambanan Temple (Hindu Temple)

The Prambanan temple's Indonesian Temple. Prambanan is the biggest and a most beautiful Hindu temple about . If you need go to prambanan temple, you can go with car in 20 minutes. This magnificent Shivaite temple derives its name from the village where it is located. Locally known as the Loro Jongrang temple, or the temple of the "Slender Virgin" it is reputed to be the biggest and most beautiful Hindu Temple in Indonesian.

the story of Prambanan

The popular legend of Loro Jonggrang<>

The Prince entered into meditation and conjured up a multitude of spirits (demons) from the earth. Helped by supernatural beings, he succeeded in building 999 temples. When the prince was about to complete the condition, the princess woke her palace maids and ordered the women of the village to begin pounding rice and set a fire in the east of the temple, attempting to make the prince and the spirits believe that the sun was about to rise. As the cocks began to crow, fooled by the light and the sounds of morning time, the supernatural helpers fled back into the ground. The prince was furious about the trick and in revenge he cursed Loro Jonggrang to stone. She became the last and the most beautiful of the thousand statues. According to the traditions, the unfinished thousandth temple created by the demons become theSewu temple compounds nearby Sewu means "thousands" in Javanese), and the Princess is the image of Durgain the north cell of the Shiva temple at Prambanan, which is still known as Loro Jonggrang or Slender Virgin.

Its parapets are adorned with a bas-reliefs depicting the famous Ramayana story. It has eight shrines, of which the three main ones are dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma (all are manifestations of God in Hindu). The main temple of Shiva rises to a high of 130 feet and houses the magnificent statue of Shiva's consort, Durga.

Prambanan Temple is beautiful temple, in fact, it is a group of temples. The biggest temple dedicated to Shiva (one of manifestation of God) with two other smaller ones, on its right and on its left, dedicated to Brahma and Wisnhu (manifestation of God) respectively. Reliefs decorating the walls of the temple depict the story of Ramayana.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur temple is one of GRATEST Beatifuls in the World, borobudur temple in location in Indonesia have many mistic in the buiding. If you around World don't forget visiting Borobudur temple INDONESIAN, is great :D

Borubudur Temple is very bigs, consists of 10 levels, measuring 123 x 123 meters. Height 42 meters before the renovation and 34.5 meters after the renovation because the bottom level is used as a backstop. This Buddhist temple has 1460 relief and 504 Buddhist stupa in the complex. Six levels below the square-shaped and three levels on top of one circular and the highest level in the form of a Buddhist stupa facing to the west.
Each level represents the stages of human life. Available mahzab Mahayana Buddhism, the people who want to reach the level through the Buddha must have every level of life.

Borobudur Temple - Borobudur is a Buddhist temple, located in the village of Borobudur Magelang regency, Central Java, was built by King Samaratungga, one of the kings of Old Mataram Kingdom, the descendant of Sailendra dynasty. The name Borobudur is a combination of words and Bara Budur. Coals from Sanskrit means temple or monastery complex. While Budur derived from the word meaning Beduhur above, so Borobudur means monastery on the hill. Meanwhile, according to other sources means that a terraced mountain-terrace (budhara), while other sources say that Borobudur means monastery is located in a high place.

* Kamadhatu, part of the base of Borobudur, the man who still passionately attached.
* Rupadhatu, four-level above it, the man who was able to free himself from lust, but is still bound to the form and shape. At these levels, a statue of Buddha placed open.
* Arupadhatu, three levels above where the Buddhist stupa placed in the perforated holes. Symbolizes man who had freed from lust, appearance, and shape.
* Arupa, the top part of the Nirwana, where Buddha reside.

Each level has a relief that will be legible in order clockwise (the left temple from the entrance). At Borobudur reliefs tells a story about a very popular, a variety of story content, among others, there are reliefs on history of Ramayana, there are reliefs jātaka story. In addition, there is also relief that describes the conditions at that time. For example, relief of farmers' activity reflecting the progress of the agricultural system at that time and the ship is a relief representation of the progress of the voyage at that time Bergotta (Semarang). One of the questions that now have not missed Borobudur is about how the condition around the temple when the temple was built and why it is found buried in the circumstances. Some say Borobudur initially stood swamp and hidden due to eruption of Merapi. This is based on the inscription Kalkutta titled 'Amawa' means milk seas. Word is then defined as the lava of Merapi, Borobudur likely buried cold lava of Merapi. The villages around Borobudur, as Karanganyar Wanurejo and there are people making craft activity. In addition, the peak Kendil Watu is the ideal look for the panorama from the top of Borobudur. Earthquake 27 May 2006 does not impact at all on the Borobudur temple, so the building can still visit.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Bangkok Temple 7 Wat Arun (Temple of down)

Bangkok Temple 7 Wat Arun (Temple of the down)

Thailand have many Temple in his country, many tourist go to the Thailand, but now Situasion in thailand not happy, politik in bangkok. I have many story about Bangkok and the his temple.

He river cruise ended at Wat Arun, the biggest and highest temple in Thailand. Thailand people are very proud of with the temple. The temple architecture is different compare with Indonesian temple. Wat arun build soared 70 meters without any rooms. All around the wall decorated by coloring flowers from porceilin.

There is a rental traditional shirt of Thailand before entrance gate of the Temple. I was exciting to wear the traditional shirt and take a picture. The other group members are following me … he he he he … Wow …the hat so heavy! :-)

Meanwhile I am exciting to climb up the steep stair temple, the others more interesting to go to the market beside of the temple for shopping. Then David more like take shelter under shaded place to wait. I remember what my friend Irene told to me. She was a Tour Leader in her group tour to Bangkok. While the guide explaint the history of the temple, no body stayed to listen. They went to shopping to the market … he he he he ….It’s happen also to me. …he he he he he …. Regarding Awee information, Indonesian people are very love to shopping.

I never think that went down from the top of temple more difficult than climb up. Wow crazy! …. The stairs are very steep. I tried to find comfortable position to walk down. That why many people only stand up in front of the stair due to phobia with high and feel scary to go down. I saw a man hang his doughter to go down. Her nose blooding and she was very scary. I though before her nose blooding because of she falled down …. But it’s because of her phobia.

The view from the top of the temple …. Wow! So cool! We can see the Chao Phraya River devided Bangkok, glorious the Grand Palace building, ….aahhh your tired to climb the temple will be paid with the nice view from the top.

They are not finish yet when I arrived down from temple. Crazy! … What shooping they are? Due to curious why they take so long for shopping and what are they buying, so I ask David to go inside the market. Apperently the market is selling souvenir. Regarding Awee, the market here sell goods more cheapest than other places due to they are not taking big profit and the profit only for temple donation. Like a Thailand t-shirt with elephant picture can get 10 pieces for Bath 1,000. That’s why everybody became crazy to shop everything in there. I just smile watching their shopping activities. Yeaehh … may be my style influented already by foreigner tourist in Bali and tour package by my company. “Always put shopping schedule on the last day otherwise you will lose your holiday”.