Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Horizon Hotel, Best Hotel Services

if you need relax and fell, you can come to Horison Horizon Hotel. And then get surprise from the hotels. Palembang Hotel providing some ideal access to the very best of city centre in Palembang city. The hotel is a 9 story building, build in the area of Taman Mandiri office cluster located on Kapten A. Rivai street. The hotel is across the street from Palembang Square, Palembang Sport Hall Sriwijaya Stadium, Local & International Bank , and Government Services. As a business hotel in Palembang we provide Business Centre, Banquet Facilities with high quality equipment and welltrained staff. For leisure the guests can enjoy the restaurant & Bar (Malabar Coffee Shop, Golden Dragon Shark's fin & Abalone Restaurant, and Putri Lounge), Fitness Centre & Swimming Pool, Sauna & Spa.

Located in the heart of Palembang city, close to central business and government district, only 25 minutes from Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport. With 142 rooms & Suites, non-smoking or smoking rooms available.


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